Living YES Schools

Living YES is a trusted partner for K-12 and higher education students, educators and administrators working to create inclusive, healthy and equitable learning environments.  Living YES provides expert consultation and facilitates experiential workshops and retreats to promote connection, well-being and belonging.  School programs are customized to meet the needs of specific communities.


Provides support to schools and districts interested in integrating SEL, mindfulness, and trauma informed practices into education or promoting diversity and inclusion.  Living YES is available as a resource to support well-being and healing communities or after incidents of bias, bullying or discrimination.  Services can include building community engagement, policy review and strategic planning.

Keynote Presentations

Provide engaging and inspiring experiences that leave participants transformed in their thinking and being.  Perfect for back to school or mid-year convocations, conventions and conferences.

Customized Workshops

Living YES works closely with school leaders to develop customized professional development programs. Sessions can be tailored to meet the specific goals of each school.  Topics include Adult and Student SEL Competence, Mindfulness, Self-Care for Educators/Leaders, Trauma, Equity in Education, Restorative Practices and Mental Health.


Designed for single school or district participation, this 3-day intensive residential program brings together students or educators to explore wellness practices and support well-being or focus on diversity and creating inclusive and equitable communities. 

Living YES Youth Leadership Certification


Parent/Community Programs

Speaking engagements designed for community members and parents to discuss the well-being of youth and the role they have as partners in supporting students and building resilient children.